Wood Samples

Click on the picture to find products made from that wood.
Find Black Walnut Products
Black Walnut - Orgin: Oregon
Find Bocote Wood Products
Bocote Wood - Orgin: Mexico
Find Coco Bolo Wood Products
Coco Bolo Wood - Orgin: Mexico & Central America
Find East India  Products
East India - Orgin East India
Find Hickory Wood Products
Hickory Walnut Stained - Orgin USA
Find Oak Wood Products
Oak Walnut Stained - Orgin: USA
Find Padauk Wood Products
Padauk, African - Orgin: Central & West Africa
Find Purple Heart Pruducts
Purple Heart - Orgin: Central America & South America
Find Santosa Rosewood Products
Bubinga - Orgin: South America
Find Zebra Wood Products
Zebra Wood - Orgin: Africa